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Our group was founded on February 13th, 2000. Our mission is to help everyone to carry out their own inner reformation, using as a guide the doctrine of Jesus through the Spiritist perspective, as codified by Allan Kardec.

Inner reformation also includes intimate participation in the improvement of society.

As we reform ourselves, changing our outlook and behaviour, we influence our incarnate and disincarnate brothers and sisters, and thereby bring about positive change in society. Jesus demonstrated this by example. His Word raises the awareness of the incarnate and disincarnate and assists them on their path to spiritual evolution.

In June 2004 the Centre became a Registered Charity, conferred by the Charity Commission.

Our prayer meetings are held twice per week:

* Wednesday evenings (in English) at 7:30 PM at 269 Caledonian Road, London N1 1EE (Tube - King's Cross)
* Sunday afternoons (in Portuguese) at 2:30 PM now at West Hampstead Women's Centre, 26-30 Cotleigh Road, London NW6 2NP (Tube/Overground - West Hampstead; Bus - 139 & 328 - Stop D)
* Children's Moral Education also takes place on Sunday afternoons at 2:30 PM at the same venue.

If you would like to receive more information, do not hestitate to contact us.

Sir William Crookes Spiritist Society is affiliated with the British Union of Spiritist Societies BUSS logo

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What is on Today?

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Events for the Friday, 27 November 2015

Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes, OM, FRS (17 June 1832 - 4 April 1919) was an English chemist and physicist. Sir William attended the Royal College of Chemistry, in London, and worked on spectroscopy. He was carried out some of the most essential work we have to date of supernatural phenomena. Read more...

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Counselling and spiritual therapy

"Blessed are those who weep, for they shall be consoled."

Matthew 5:5

Our fraternal assistance – counselling – is a free service that we provide to all. All information shared during Read more...

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Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec was a pseudonym of the French teacher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (October 3rd, 1804 – March 31st, 1869). He is known today as the systematizer of Spiritism – he thoroughly investigated the paranormal phenomena occuring at that time, posing questions for the spirits through mediums and channelers. Read more...

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We consider active participation in the community as one of our duties in spreading Jesus's message, as evangelisation is performed as much by example as by words.

We give a bi-monthly donation of assorted items such as toiletries to the Providence Row charity – an organisation providing day care services to the Read more...

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Português (Brasil)Español(Spanish Formal International)English (United Kingdom)

Upcoming Events

Fri Nov 27 @19:30 - 09:30PM
Mediumship Course
Sun Nov 29 @14:30 - 05:30PM
Sunday prayer meeting and Children's Moral Education
Mon Nov 30 @20:30 - 09:30PM
Spiritual Treatment
Tue Dec 01 @20:30 - 09:30PM
Spiritual Treatment
Wed Dec 02 @19:30 - 09:30PM
Gospel Study, Talk, Spiritual Cleansing (English)
Thu Dec 03 @17:00 -
Counselling and spiritual treatment

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